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BEWARE! Every year in the UK, homeowners suffer to the tune of £1.9 billion through unsatisfactory building works.

Your Seven Step Home Extension Plan has the answers to make sure your money isn’t added to that every-increasing total. It’s a must read for homeowners planning a kitchen extension, loft conversion or home renovation.

It makes good financial sense to extend your home, but it’s a steep learning curve. If you want to avoid all the common pitfalls, this book is for you. What you’ll learn:

  • How to avoid delays, over spending and under budgeting.
  • All the industry secrets from an industry expert with 30 years of experience.
  • How to reduce costs without reducing quality.
  • How to manage your builder like a pro.

This book will save you thousands. Click below to buy the book at £12.99 plus £2.80 Post & Packaging.


(plus P&P)

P.S: VALUE PROMISE – each chapter is summarised with a checklist, you’ll save 100 times the book costs from the checklists alone!


Despite 25 years in the building industry as a surveyor and designer, it wasn’t until Ashton Paul extended his own home in 2010 that he realised just how stressful a home extension project is. Not just for him, but also his wife and 2 children. The experience of being the client and living through the building work in his own home led him to create a step-by-step guide through the process. Over the years, the Seven Step Process has been refined and developed and subsequently produced into this

Now instead of worrying about being ripped off by cowboy builders you can start to enjoy the process.

Ashton Paul will guide you through your project by:

  • Helping you avoid cowboy builders
  • Keeping you on time and within your budget
  • Teaching you how to manage like a pro
  • Showing you how to enjoy your project

So buy Your Seven Step Home Extension Plan for just £12.99 plus £2.80 P&P.

Question: What is the cost of not becoming part of the £1.9 billion statistic?

Answer: £12.99 plus £2.80 P&P.