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Our Process

Our Seven Step Process

Following this unique Seven Step Process will ensure your extension, loft conversion or
home renovation is delivered on time, on budget and with minimum disruption to you and
your family.

Don’t be tempted to cut corners, it will end in tears if you do! Each step is crucial and has
been included to save you time, money and hassle.

1. Design

Firstly, we will create a unique design to match your vision. But more than that, we will keep any development restrictions at the forefront of our mind to improve the chances of getting the necessary approvals without amendments. This will save you time and money. Then we will use our experience and a little artistic license to provide a different option which will extract a bit more from your space and budget.

2. Approvals

There are generally three types of approvals you need before you can start: planning, building control and party wall. While only building control is mandatory, we will advise you what is required specifically for your project and then obtain the necessary approvals.

3. Specification of Works

The specification is a critical component for detailing the scope of the project. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked. The specification will provide a structured framework to obtain accurate quotes from prospective builders and will allow for easy comparison between quotes. Then, as your project progresses, it will also become the definitive reference point to ensure your project is delivered just the way you want it.

4. Budget and Estimating

Although we provide budget advice throughout the process, you can only get an accurate quote when the specification has been completed. This stage will help you avoid unexpected costs in the middle of your project and ensure the work remains affordable.

5. Contractual Matters

Undertaking building work in your own home is stressful enough without worrying about being ripped-off or the builder going bust. So, we use the Joint Contractual Tribunal form (JCT) of building contract which protects you against all risks and disputes during and after the building work.

6. Building Works

Although we work with high quality builders that have been vetted and approved by us, we leave nothing to chance. We will visit your home at least once a week to administrate the project and deal with any issues as they arise. Rest assured we will keep a strict control of your budget, timescales and the quality of the work.

7. Post Contract

You will receive your own homeowners guide containing any guarantees and certificates to enable you to maintain the new addition to your home. Then, six months after the work is completed, we will visit you to check the work and, if necessary, recall the builder to rectify any defects.