Building an extension, loft conversion or internal alterations continues to be a current way of increasing living space or to add another room. There are many good reasons for building an extension and here are just a few:

  • An increase of space for a growing family
  • Shortage of property on the market
  • Excessive cost of moving (legal fees/stamp duty/estate agent’s fees)
  • It will add value to your current property
  • Less stress and frustration than moving to a new house

Extending can often lead to making more use of an existing space by combining it with the extension. A small bedroom for example, could be doubles in size by extending it into a new space. With extending, as well as deciding on the overall size and of the rooms, you also get to choose the finishes, such as sanitary ware, kitchen units and flooring.

Creating larger, more open spaces will help to make a property feel larger. The fewer walls you use, the more spacious and light a property will feel. You may worry about losing rooms but you do not need walls to create a space. You can define separate rooms by using features such as furniture, lighting, floor covering, decorations or room dividers such as a kitchen island or fireplace.

Your extension will usually add value to your property. It is considered that living space adds more value than bedroom space but estate agents evaluations often relate to the number of bedroom in a property.

Whatever the final figure is, it is essential that you design and build your extension to a good standard and we cannot overemphasise the importance of getting expert advice at an early stage.

Thank you,

Holly Brooker (Secretary)