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Designing Your Home – Part 2: The Design

Now that you’ve figured out a budget and started an idea book, you can contact a professional. They will be able to help you get the desired design in place and the approvals that come with it, saving you money and time. The first step is the consultation; here, the architect will visit the property and have a chat with you about your likes and dislikes and what your dream home should look like. They will check the walls and…

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The Grand Designs Factor

I received a call from a client who wanted a rear extension and kitchen refurbishment. I offered him our services for Project management but he declined and said he would like to take the challenge on himself. He worked as a Senior IT Project Manager in a very well paid and demanding role that included international travel. He told me that he had seen on Grand Designs that they didn’t use Project Managers, and even though they overspent on their…

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Designing Your Home – Part 1: Introduction

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; we’re all similar to a bee hive: each individual minds their own business, but we all work together for everyone’s well being. In design, this means that everyone specialises in a specific area and it’s only natural to rely on their services and not assume that you can do it yourself. I’ve been asked on numerous occasions what services an architect or designer provides and what are the costs for these…

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