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Non-Material VS Minor Material Amendment Applications

It is sometimes necessary to amend development proposals after planning permission has been granted. There are two types of amendment applications you might need to submit: non-material and minor material. In my experience, you might not know which one to submit, which is why I’ve decided to write this blog.  

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10 things you need to know before planning your home extension

With a slow housing market, we have noticed a rise in homeowners extending and renovating their current properties rather than selling up and buying a new home. This is a great idea and it doesn’t only save you money, but it can also give you a return on investment if you do decide to sell later. Before you jump in and start contacting builders, there are a few things you need to consider.

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Do you need help budgeting for an extension?

So, you’re thinking about extending your home. But not quite sure on how much it is going to cost you. Well, guess what you are in the right place. Our two most popular requests are kitchen extensions and loft conversions. Who doesn’t want a big kitchen with an island and bi-fold doors out to the garden? I do, it’s my dream! Or a loft conversion with either the master suite or two kids bedrooms in. I know which one I’d prefer…

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Designing Your Home – Part 3.1: Planning and Building Control

  In my previous blogs I wrote about the creative process, the client-architect relationship and design stages. This next mini-series blog is a bit more technical and speaks about Planning Permission and Building Control. What is planning permission? Construction of new buildings and extensive changes to existing buildings usually requires consent from the local planning authority in the form of planning permission. This planning system is designed to control inappropriate development. When do I need planning permission? Anything that involves the erection…

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Property & Brexit

When the results of the EU referendum came in, investors panicked about what would become of the UK’s property market. A year later an analysis has shown that things haven’t quite been as bad as expected! But that’s not to say that the Brexit vote hasn’t influence the UK’s property market.

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The Design&Build Method – Part 1

Introduction For the last seven years I have been consumed by a single thought – ‘how can I improve the home extension and renovation process in a way that works for all parties?’ The highest respect for my clients The roots of the Design&Build system came from the 19th Century figure of the Master Builder; men who had the highest respect from their peers and clients, due to their mastery and knowledge. In the 20th Century, most projects were being…

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