As nice people, i am sure that you would like to be good hosts and offer your builders a cup of tea and maybe a biscuit. While this is fine, you need to be aware of where you draw the line. Builders can consume a lot of tea and coffee!

Offering your builder a hot beverage and light snack is a friendly gesture, but offering this too often and your builders will expect this gesture of kindness all the time!

Good builders will generally bring their own tea, coffee or snacks to save time as builders rarely have a long lunch break. Having a supply of tea, coffee, milk and sugar on hand is always a good idea, but offer little and only when is convenient for you. This will also avoid your builder of becoming lazy. Constantly giving your builder snacks and beverages will draw the builder away from his work, ultimately delaying the project.

You have to remember that your home is your builders office – his place of work. By treating builders like guests in your home, you compromise your ability to manage the build process. You are entering a business contract and you need to treat it as one.

The best reward for a finished project is a on-time payment and a good recommendation that could lead onto another project. Good builders work quickly and efficiently, they carry out good building works and the move onto another job afterwards. It may seem harsh not to constantly offer them treats but i am sure that builder would prefer to make profit that food and drink.