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Designing Your Home – Part 1: Introduction

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; we’re all similar to a bee hive: each individual minds their own business, but we all work together for everyone’s well being. In design, this means that everyone specialises in a specific area and it’s only natural to rely on their services and not assume that you can do it yourself. I’ve been asked on numerous occasions what services an architect or designer provides and what are the costs for these…

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Advantages of Extending Your Home

Building an extension, loft conversion or internal alterations continues to be a current way of increasing living space or to add another room. There are many good reasons for building an extension and here are just a few: An increase of space for a growing family Shortage of property on the market Excessive cost of moving (legal fees/stamp duty/estate agent’s fees) It will add value to your current property Less stress and frustration than moving to a new house

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Food for thought – Should you feed your builder?

As nice people, i am sure that you would like to be good hosts and offer your builders a cup of tea and maybe a biscuit. While this is fine, you need to be aware of where you draw the line. Builders can consume a lot of tea and coffee! Offering your builder a hot beverage and light snack is a friendly gesture, but offering this too often and your builders will expect this gesture of kindness all the time!

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